Disadvantages of flowchart

Disadvantages of flowchart
Complex logic: For complicated logic, the flowchart becomes complex and clumsy
Alterations and modifications : If there is change in the logic, the flowchart becomes to be completely rewritten and requires lot of time.

C++ supports a large number of data types. The built in or basic data types supported by C++ are integer, floating point and character. C++ also provides the data type bool for variables that can hold only the values True and false.
Some commonly used data types are summarized in table along with description.
Small integer number
long int
Large integer number
Small real number
Double precision real number
long double
Long double precision real number
A Single Character

The exact sizes and ranges of values for the fundamental types are implementation dependent. The header files <climits> (for the integral types) and <cfloat> (for the floating-point types) specify the ranges of values supported on your system.

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